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New York Ambassadors To The United Nations

United Nations Headquarter

New York

His Excellency The Rt Hon Dr Phillip S Phinn, OEA, D-CPC, Ph.D

President General/Chief Ambassador to the United Nations

H.E. The Hon. David Mangar, OEA

Chief Administrative Officer

H.E. The Hon Dr Sharon J Baquedo-Phinn, OEA, OPC, Ph.D

Main Representative

H.E Dr Devon Bannister, CDKA, CDSE, DD

Additional Representative

H.E. Dr Vickie Frederick, CDKA, D-CPC, Ph.D

Additional Representative

H.E. Dr. Patricia Francis, CDKA

Additional Representative

H.E. Dr. Juanita Bynum, CDKA, OMS, Ph.D.

Additional Representative

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